It is as essential to care for your mental health as it is to care for your physical health. A few activities you can follow for your mental health are:

1. Take care of your physical health

You can stay healthy by eating well, getting adequate rest and exercise. Eating fresh foods rich in vitamin B-12 and Omega 3 fatty acids keep up levels of mood-regulating chemicals in the brain. Getting enough rest for your body helps to heal its daily wear and tear, while lack of sleep can make you feel tired, stressed and cranky.

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2. Get fresh air and exposure to sunlight  

A study has shown that exposure to sunlight increases the production of serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood in the brain.

3. Take care of yourself

Investing time in self-care contributes to your mental and emotional wellbeing. Set time aside for yourself; attend to your own emotional needs; read a book; pamper yourself. You could learn to use aspects of mindfulness to relax.

simply means being in the present without thinking of the past or future; choosing what you respond to, rather than getting carried away with everything that appears in your mind or your experience; to focus on one thing at a time, be non-judgmental and cultivate an attitude of impermanence towards things and situations. This helps you stay open to experiences and helps you not get overly affected by them,” says Dr M Manjula, additional professor of clinical psychology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS).

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4. Spend time with people whose company you enjoy

Spending time with people you love and get along with gives you a sense of being valued and appreciated. Having healthy relationships with your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors can increase your sense of emotional wellbeing and give you a feeling of connectedness. Have lunch with a colleague, or make plans to meet a friend you haven’t spent time with in a while. Spending quality time with someone in person — if this is an option — is often better than using technology to connect with them.

5. Pursue a hobby, or a new activity

Participating in activities that you enjoy helps you stay engaged and in turn, happy. Picking up a new skill challenges you, increases your concentration levels and makes you feel good about learning something new. It also increases your confidence in being able to face new situations, challenges and people.

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